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6 Most Trusted Eye Drops Manufacturers in India

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 6 Most Trusted Eye Drops Manufacturers in India

With the increasing workloads, computer and smartphone screen exposure to human eyes, the significance of India’s best eye drops manufacturers is obvious.

Best eye-care products are emerging as a supreme need. That’s why some of the top companies that are operational and achieving success in this particular medical industry deliver life-changing experiences for many.

Such as, below, we have brought together some of the best Eye Drops Manufacturers in India that you can always trust and the products they sell.

1. Kaizen Pharmaceuticals

Kaizen Pharmaceuticals for long has been serving the medical sector with their medical products in a broad range across different categories. Particularly in the eye-care sector, the company has gained immense popularity. Thanks to its highly effective eye drops that have been found extremely helpful in curing numerous vision issues of the patients. They are one of the top eye drops manufacturers in India, working since 2005.

2. Spectra Vision Care

Another most prestigious Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in India are Spectra Vision care. The company specializes in only eye-care products and makes the best quality eye drops available to doctors, hospitals clinics, and to the person in need. The company has established a solid identity now in the medical sector, and surprisingly, it has stepped into the industry just one year before Kaizen Pharmaceuticals. In short, the company was founded in 2004.

3. GMT Pharma International

GMT Pharma International deals in PCD products in the mainstream, but the company also owns specializing in manufacturing eye-care products. The company makes all ranges of eyedrop products available to suppliers, retails, and doctors in the medical industry. GMT pharma international too made its first appearance in 2005 like our previous companies in the list. This makes it clear that it is also a trusted brand to purchase products of.

4. Grevis Pharmaceuticals

Grevis Pharmaceuticals is one of the widely-renowned ophthalmic firms, working since 2004 successfully in the industry. The company has captured traction in the market for its supreme quality eyedrop range. The company manufactures and supplies some extremely effective eye drops that make it one of the popular choices in the medical society.

5. Iskon Remedies

Iskon Remedies is also a well-known name in the medical industry. The company for long has been involved in a range of injection manufacturing but primarily deals in eye drop manufacturing. Till now, many distribution channels and logistics partners are connected with the company, and it’s no surprise it is one of the most trusted choices for many people.

6. Vee Remedies

Vee remedies also reserve its name on the list of best ophthalmic franchise companies in India. The company has been ISO certified and has been involved in the manufacturing and supplying of eye care products for many years. If you are also looking for a quality eye care product, check the Vee Remedies tag for assurance. It’s worth noting that like our other companies in this list, Vee remedies range of products is expansive, so make sure you aren’t confused.


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