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Our Company’s Headquarter is in Manimajra (Chandigarh, India), and we have a significant national and international presence in the pharmaceutical sector, manufacturing and supplying high-quality pharmaceuticals.

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Choose the Best Pharma Tablets Manufacturers in India

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 Choose the Best Pharma Tablets Manufacturers in India

As the population is increasing so does the requirement for tablets due to the unhealthy lifestyle and food habits people are struggling with several diseases. A viable solution to these problems is tablets which are also prescribed by doctors, physicians, etc. The demand for pharma tablets is rising across the world. Therefore, the Pharma tablets manufacturers in India are booming in the rapidly growing with the rapid growth of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. Tablets are a solid dose of pharma preparation that contains drug substances that are generally prepared with the help of suitable pharma excipients.

Kaizen Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading and well-established Pharma Tablets Manufacturers in India. Headquartered in Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies. Over the last 17 years, the company has been developing and manufacturing pharma products that are widely sold and appreciated in Indian and International markets. We develop and manufacture pharma tablets that provide quick relief against the ailment and that too without causing any side effects. Our company’s manufacturing plant is not only impressive in terms of size and location but also WHO and GMP certified. We follow stringent quality standards across the world to produce our wide range of tablets.

Wide Tablet Range for Pharma Manufacturing

Kaizen Pharmaceuticals is a prominent name among the fastest growing Pharma Tablets Manufacturers in India. It brings you a wide range of tablet formulations that you might require for your pharma company. Our organization is committed to delivering the best and most impressive manufacturing facilities along with attractive packaging. We are offering the best in the market at the most economical rates. The list of our pharma tablets is mentioned below;

  • Aceact
  • Amoflox- 200
  • Amoflox- 400
  • Amoflox- OZ
  • Azuda- 250
  • Azuda- 500
  • Bromalt- XT
  • Cefompy- 250
  • Cefompy- 500
  • Defloset
  • Diclodase
  • Diclodase- P
  • Fexia- 120
  • Fexia- M
  • Firmcal- CC
  • Floxid- TZ
  • Flurki
  • Flurki- 5
  • Fungary
  • Gikobil- Plus
  • Gilkobil
  • I-Carazen Plus
  • Kaitryp
  • Kaitryp Forte
  • Kaitryp- Plus
  • Kaziclav 625 LB
  • Kaziclav- 375
  • Kaziclav- 625
  • Kazolid- MD
  • Kazolid- P
  • Kazopan- 40
  • Kazopan- D
  • Kazotil- 100
  • Kazotil- 200
  • Kazotil- CV
  • Kazotil- O
  • Kevixi 100 DT
  • Keviixi 200 LB
  • Kevixi- 200
  • Kevixi- 50
  • Kevixi- O
  • Le- Zenrid
  • Levees- 500
  • Levees- OZ
  • Mecompy
  • Megaline
  • Montiriz
  • Tridec- MR
  • Zenrid
  • Zenrid- D
  • Zenrid- LC
  • Zenrid- Plus New

Why choose Kaizen Pharmaceuticals?

Best service provider

Being one of the Best pharma tablets manufacturers in India, Kaizen Pharmaceuticals provides the best services in the area. The company is known for its reliability and quality tablets in the market.

Infrastructure facility

The company is well-equipped with advanced and high-tech infrastructure facilities and warehouses that are GMP and WHO certified. We adhere to strict industry standards to manufacture top-notch quality pharma products.

Quality assurance team

Kaizen Pharmaceuticals believes in providing the best quality tablets in the market. Any mistake is unbearable, so the quality assurance team conducts tests and assures that the quality is maintained.

Customer satisfaction

We understand the value of our customer’s satisfaction. We conduct detailed discussions with our clients and adhere to their requirements. Also, we ensure timely delivery and prompt service.

We are a leading and well-established Pharma Capsule, Ear Drops, Eye Drops, Pharma Tablet, Nasal Spray, Ophthalmic Drops, and Nasal Drops Medicine Manufacturers in India. Our Company’s Headquarter is in Manimajra (Chandigarh, India).