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Our Company’s Headquarter is in Manimajra (Chandigarh, India), and we have a significant national and international presence in the pharmaceutical sector, manufacturing and supplying high-quality pharmaceuticals.

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We, Nasal Spray & Nasal Drops Manufacturers in India provide effective solutions for a treat the infection. Our product line includes AZEMIST, MOMIST, RHINOMIST, RHINOSET, RHINOSET OXY MIST, etc. Nasal Spray & Nasal Drops comprises sodium chloride and water which is a natural and first-line treatment in treating nasal allergies. It moisturizes the nose and aids in the dissolving and releasing of heavy mucus usually associated with respiratory infections. Also, it is used to relieve nasal discomfort caused by various conditions including the common cold, and allergies. It is especially useful for clearing stuffy nasal passages in children who cannot blow their noses. It relieves inflammation and congestion by reducing the blood vessels in the nose.

We are a leading and well-established Pharma Capsule, Ear Drops, Eye Drops, Pharma Tablet, Nasal Spray, Ophthalmic Drops, and Nasal Drops Medicine Manufacturers in India. Our Company’s Headquarter is in Manimajra (Chandigarh, India).